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These days, Apple Pay isn’t a choice—it’s a necessary tool to bring in business. No matter what type of business you run, customers expect merchants who use Aldelo POS to be up to date with all the latest payment technologies. You can’t expect customers to invest in your business if you aren’t invested in providing them with access to the latest tools and services.

What is Apple Pay and Google Pay?

iOS and Android users can use Apple Pay and Google Pay to make purchases directly with their phones. Instead of a cash or card transaction, everything is securely transferred through the user’s mobile wallet and associated financial institutions.

Users can also use this payment method within their device on different apps and websites that support it. Over the past few years, Apple Pay and other mobile payments has skyrocketed in popularity and it has become an essential part of business transactions.

How Apple Pay can help boost business

The most notable benefit of using a service like Apple Pay is the convenience it offers the user. Customers could forget their entire wallet and still be able to dine in your restaurant, as long as you have the right setup to accept Apple Pay on your Aldelo POS. So you’re preventing yourself from losing customers just by having it available!

In other cases, some people just prefer mobile payments and might base their restaurant choices on those that offer it. With so much competition for customers to choose from, it’s important that you offer at least the same if not more than other merchants and business owners.

Get Apple Pay with Aldelo POS

With the rise in popularity of mobile payments, there’s no better time to integrate Apple Pay with your Aldelo POS terminal. You’ll be surprised how many customers end up going with this option once it becomes available. With Aldelo POS, you can enable payments with ease and improve the customer experience with this essential convenience.

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