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Aldelo Online Ordering

FREE Online Ordering for Your Restaurant.

There’s been a steady increase in online ordering for food over the years, but after the pandemic it became clear that restaurants who use Aldelo POS will need to get on board if they want their business to thrive. Being a successful business owner is all about growing and changing with the industry you’re in, and online ordering is something that everyone will have to adopt eventually.

The importance of Aldelo Online Ordering

After experiencing such uncertain times, it makes sense to prepare for the unknown. During Covid, restaurant owners had to scramble and figure out how they were going to manage pick-up and delivery orders more efficiently. Online ordering for Aldelo POS became the norm and with good reason, it’s full of benefits even when times aren’t as tough.

Why you need to implement Aldelo Online Ordering

When you offer customers access to online ordering, you open yourself up to a much larger customer base. Not only that, but the added convenience makes your establishment a much more attractive option for family takeout night.

If a group is trying to decide between two places and one of them offers a convenient interactive online menu and the other is more like a PDF document and a phone number, you can only assume which one is getting the order.

Start accepting online orders with Aldelo POS System

Using your existing Aldelo POS, you can accept more orders than ever before with integrated online ordering. The next time your phone lines are all tied up you won’t need to think about the missed opportunity and hungry customers waiting to speak to someone.

As long as you get the word out about your new online ordering system, Aldelo POS will take care of the rest. New orders will show up right on your Aldelo POS station and then print to kitchen printers or show up on kitchen display systems.

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