Our Projects
A few of the most recent restaurants that we have set up.

Siam Bistro. ​Upgrading from Aldelo POS​.

Siam Bistro had been using their Aldelo POS for years. The system has outlived itself. It started to glitch and to work very slow. We have programmed merchant’s menu, installed two POS stations, a caller ID, and one mobile handheld POS station for their delivery drivers.
Merchant enjoys the new modern hardware design along with the new POS speed and its new features. They spent $0 upfront and their monthly payments are $118.

Vinny's Restaurant and Pizzeria. Adding their first POS system.

​This restaurant has been around for many years. It’s one of the most popular places in its town. They decided to start using the POS system after working with pen and paper for years.
We programmed their menu, created a table layout, added the caller ID for delivery orders and successfully installed six POS stations. Now this restaurant is fully automated and enjoys the new contemporary workflow.

Jim's Restaurant & Deli. Upgrading from Aldelo POS.

Jim’s Deli had also been using their Aldelo POS for years. The hardware worked very slow and the screen took a long time to go to the next window.
​We programmed their menu, added their most popular items as a fast buttons and we added an ‘open food item’ for a quick customized checkout. We successfully installed two POS stations, added the Apple Pay and all of the contactless payment options, created their Online Ordering page and integrated Uber Eats to the POS stations. They spent $0 upfront, and their monthly payments are $98.

Deluxe Town Diner.​Upgrading from Aldelo POS.

The guys at the Deluxe Town Diner had been using their Aldelo POS for years. The system had also outlived itself. A few of their stations would simply not start and they had to restart the server and the whole network each time this happened.
We successfully programmed their menu, installed four POS stations, added the Online Ordering service on their website and integrated Uber Eats and Doordash to the POS system. Merchant likes the ability to run his restaurant from the beach using the Lighthouse Business Management portal. Their monthly payments are now $186

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