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An Overview of the Harbortouch Process

​Partnering with Harbortouch POS is a simple process. We ensure that our collaboration is professional and efficient throughout all of the necessary steps toward a reliable and highly functional payment processing system. Above all, we guarantee that all of our merchants feel confident in our services, from our easy installation to our ongoing support. The Harbortouch team will be here for you every step of the way.

Step 1:
​Meeting with Management​.

Before submitting your order and programming your new POS system, our team will sit down with you and discuss your restaurants’ operations to decide the type and amount of hardware needed to help your business run smoothly. We will explain how Harbortouch works, including any merchant fees required and all other necessary information

Step 2:
Submitting Your Order.

Once you have discussed the essential details with the Harbortouch team, we will submit your order, and you will officially be our newest customer! We will ensure that the internet connection and all power outlets are in place and ready to install your new system. and we will begin programming your menu

Step 3:
​Shipping and Installation​.

The next step is to coordinate the shipment of your new POS system and set an installation date. Once the system is in your hands, we will install and connect everything, integrate all of the necessary apps, and make sure everything is properly working.

Step 4:
​Training and Post Installation Support

We certainly won’t leave you alone with a new POS system before training you and your staff on handling it. Our team will ensure that your management and staff understand the ins and outs of our technology to avoid any learning curves. Even after you feel fully confident using the new system, the Harbortouch team will provide ongoing 24/7 customer support to answer any questions you may have or if any problems arise.

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